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Teaching in Colleges Today (at SCQF level 7 and SCQF level 8) are two new updated units that were developed to support the initial professional development of college lecturers. The new units build on the previous success of CDN’s original Teaching in Colleges Today unit at SCQF level 7 which had been used by the sector since 2013.

The new units were redeveloped by CDN in 2021 and credit rated by Fife College, one at SCQF level 7 worth 6 credit points, and one at SCQF level 8 worth 7 credit points.

With the recent updating of new Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges and the development of a new SQA PDA Teaching Practice in Scotland’s Colleges award at SCQF level 9, this provided an opportunity for us to create new bespoke units focused on the development of key professional competences.

These units support the ongoing professional development of new and recently appointed college lecturers coming into the sector with up to date industry expertise but no or limited knowledge of teaching and assessment. Although designed primarily for college lecturers, they may also be relevant for other staff involved in delivering learning and teaching to students.

All new college lecturers coming into the sector must now complete their TQ(FE) qualification and register with GTC Scotland within a specified timescale. Having two units available at different SCQF levels means we have a coherent progression pathway for these college lecturers that provides a way for them to progressively develop and refine their skills – the ability to plan, prepare and successfully deliver high quality learning and assessment for all their students and to start engaging with the Professional Standards. The new SCQF level 8 unit also provides an important interim step up in level of demand for candidates moving on to the SQA PDA at SCQF level 9 or to undergraduate level TQ(FE) studies at SCQF level 9.

Both Teaching in Colleges Today units are owned by CDN but they are delivered in partnership with colleges across Scotland. This year a new dedicated MS Teams area was set up to provide ongoing support for colleges delivering the units allowing us to discuss and share best practice and provide guidance on unit standards and delivery models for colleges delivering these units.

We also produced an extensive range of online learning materials for both Teaching in Colleges Today units, providing access to free high quality learning content which is mapped against the unit assessment requirements and specific Professional Standards. These free to use materials are available on CDN’s LearnOnline platform and can be used at a time and place that best suits candidates’ needs, even by those not formally completing the units.

In what has been another demanding year for college staff delivering learning during a pandemic, seven individual colleges presented a total of 61 candidates for certification at SCQF level 7 and 16 candidates at SCQF level 8. A number of additional candidates who hadn’t managed to fully complete all their assessments in time for our May EV event, will be presented for certification in December 2022.

The first cohort of Teaching in Colleges Today candidates started receiving their certificates in mid-June. We wish all of them every continued success in their careers.

Feedback from TiCT users:

98% of candidate respondents said the topics included within the LearnOnline materials were relevant to the needs of their job role. (SCQF level 7 unit)

83% of candidate respondents said they either plan to or have changed their practice after working through the online learning materials. (SCQF level 7 unit)

Quotes from college staff delivering the new TiCT units:

“The exemplars were fantastic, as was the guidance on each assessment template.”

“The information contained with the LearnOnline is first-class. I have encouraged colleagues who have not visited the Teaching at Colleges Today site for some time, to do so as a refresher.”

“Our new lecturers undertaking the course were very happy with the experience. Thank you CDN for providing this excellent course!”

For more information on the TiCT units, visit the CDN website.

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