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Esports: For The Players was developed in collaboration with The Brave Jnr, a youth organisation on a mission to empower young people to build brighter futures through esports.

It was credit rated by Edinburgh College at SCQF level 6 with 24 credit points – the same level & number of credit points as a Higher.

Before this award was created and credit rated there was no option in Scotland for young people (or anyone else) to gain accreditation around esports and, while there are opportunities in the rest of the UK to study esports related subjects, none of these focus on learning from the perspective of a player.

The course is delivered in a community learning/youth work setting as well as being available for secondary schools to offer to pupils as part of their senior options.

It is aimed at young people aged 14 – 18 who may be disengaged from traditional education and want to gain 21st century skills while improving their performance in their favourite esports game.

Esports is competitive video gaming and is hugely popular among young people; being able to gain recognition and accreditation for doing something they are passionate about makes this course very attractive. Many young people now dream of careers as professional gamers and content creators, this course can offer insight into how to pursue those careers and equip learners with the tools and experience to start building that career.

The credit rating of Esports: For The Players offers the opportunity for young people to continue to positive destinations where they may not have managed to gain qualifications at school.

While learners on this course will be focusing on esports, learning about the gaming industry and improving their gameplay, they will also be developing vital meta skills, wellbeing techniques, data skills and digital capabilities. Their learning will prove to be transferable to almost any other subject or career path that they may decide to pursue.

Some quotes from learners:

“I had a difficult time at school and left without any qualifications. I love gaming and was excited to be given the chance to do this course and learn about esports. I am enjoying the course, it doesn’t even feel like learning did at school, it is giving me confidence and now I would really like to work in esports.” – Jay

“I am loving learning about the esports industry and how it all works. I play in a Rocket League team and eSports: For The Players is making me think differently about how to improve my in game performance and is making me more focused and take it more seriously. By the time I have finished the course I think I will have improved a lot.” – Jamie

“It’s great to be able to get a qualification for doing something I really love – gaming! I have always had a dream to be a pro gamer but no-one ever took it seriously and now I am studying eSports: For The Players my parents and teachers are becoming more supportive. I have learned that there are many other jobs that I could do in esports if I change my mind about being a player.” – Levi

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