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From everyone at Education Scotland, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the SCQF on its 21st birthday!

Back when the SCQF was established 21 years ago, many of us may remember Highers as being the qualification from that time, but so much has changed. A really interesting statistic is that 93% of programmes available at SCQF level 6 aren’t Highers. This shows that there is a wide range of qualifications that schools can look into and a world of opportunities for our young people. In fact, while there are 55 National 5s there are over 750 qualifications at SCQF level 5 and 800 at level 6!

The SCQF supports schools to develop flexible learning pathways and progressions through the curriculum for young people. There is no wrong path to future success and the SCQF empowers learners to see the many different pathways available to help them achieve their goals.

One of many inspiring initiatives led by the SCQF that I’d like to highlight, is the School Ambassador Programme. For those who may not know, this programme provides essential resources to help everyone involved in the school community to understand the SCQF and how it can be used to develop learner pathways. It also offers schools the opportunity to share ideas and best practice with over 100 schools in Scotland covering subject pathways, understanding qualifications and recognising personal achievement.

Alongside SCQF and Insight, we co-designed and co-delivered a series of ‘Routes to Success’ webinars which provided a fantastic opportunity to share some of this interesting practice which is taking place in schools across the country. Take a look at more of the excellent work that is happening in schools here.

We are working with SCQF colleagues to evaluate applications for the School Ambassador Recognition Programme. This gives schools a set criteria to work towards within each level and keeps them engaged and involved. Schools are evaluated on the five key themes of whole-school approach, pupil awareness, parental engagement and understanding, curriculum offer/pathway progression, and the development of external relationships. With our colleagues, we explore the evidence provided by the schools and award them with bronze, silver, or gold status.

There are really exciting times ahead. At Education Scotland, we’re looking forward to continuing to work with the dedicated and inspiring staff at the SCQF Partnership to support our young people to take full advantage of the range of opportunities available to them.

The SCQF Online Conference takes place on Thursday 24 March. Register to join The SCQF at 21: Recognising Skills in a Changing Landscape. 

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