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Scottish Apprenticeships are developed in partnership with employers to respond to industry needs.

Through work-based learning, individuals are accessing opportunities that enable them to gain skills they need now and for the future alongside industry recognised qualifications.

Over recent years, apprenticeships have expanded from Modern Apprenticeships to introduce Foundation Apprenticeships for school pupils and Graduate Apprenticeships to work, learn and earn up to Master’s degree level.

As a result, apprenticeships have become more accessible, enabling individuals to gain work-based learning qualifications at more ages and stages of learning and their career.

During the past six years, Foundation Apprenticeships at SCQF Level 6 have been developed and expanded to support more young people to develop critical skills that are aligned to key growth sectors and occupations in the economy. They have been available across every local authority, giving young Scots more opportunities to access work-based learning at school and the skills and competence required by business.

The qualification also supports pathways to Further and Higher Education through its recognition alongside other subjects in the senior phase.

More recently, further pilot work has extended the offer at SCQF Levels 4 and 5. A key benefit of this is the valuable addition of another subject choice for all, as well as an option for those who may not have been fulfilling their full potential, giving more learners a chance to flourish and achieve a qualification.

Launched in 2017, Graduate Apprenticeships provide a new route for people to gain degree level, industry recognised qualifications where their academic learning is contextualised in their workplace. Available from Diploma up to Master’s level qualification, Graduate Apprenticeships are mapped to the SCQF at levels 9, 10 and 11.

Graduate Apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity for employers, enabling them to recruit from a fresh pipeline of young talent or upskill existing employees. The qualification is flexible and recognises prior learning and experience, enabling learners to begin their study at the right point and complete the course in less time.

Ongoing engagement with Scottish employers confirms the value they place on these qualifications, with Graduate Apprenticeships featuring as an integral component in their skills development plans in a post-furlough labour market.
Scotland is focused on economic renewal and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the Scottish Government is committed to increasing the number of apprenticeships in Scotland.

Scottish Apprenticeships are a crucial part of the Young Person's Guarantee, providing thousands of opportunities for young people affected by the pandemic. The national mission to support the Guarantee is a focus for both Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish Funding Council. Looking forward, SDS and SFC will continue to work together and with partners to embed work-based learning in the education system. And we will work with the Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board, industry and employers across the country to ensure apprenticeships respond to the needs of people and business.

This means continuing to ensure the best possible outcomes for people across Scotland through apprenticeships – all underpinned by the strength of the SCQF framework.

To find out more about how Scottish Apprenticeships work and how to get involved visit apprenticeships.scot

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