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The First Aid for Mental Health qualifications were developed by First Aid Awards who have been a regulated awarding body with SQA Accreditation since 2011 and who specialise in first aid, health & safety, food safety, safeguarding and related qualifications.

Awareness of mental health in both the workplace and in public settings has grown enormously over the last few years with many Government backed campaigns put in place to raise awareness of this crucially important subject.

Demand for mental health training has grown and due to this we developed our First Aid for Mental Health qualifications. They provide learners with the knowledge and skills to recognise a wide range of mental health conditions, to start a supportive conversation and to be able to signpost a person to seek appropriate professional help. Our background as leaders of first aid in the UK has had a significant impact on the development of these qualifications with the belief that first aid for mental health is as important as first aid for physical health.

Within the suite of First Aid for Mental Health qualifications we have qualifications suitable for all members of the public, suitable for the workplace and also an exciting new youth mental health qualification. The suite will be expanded during 2022 with the introduction of a wellbeing qualification which will focus on actions that we can all take in our day to day lives to improve our own mental health and also of those around us.

The suite of qualifications has benefited from being accredited by SQA Accreditation and credit rated for inclusion on the SCQF, providing learners and employers with the confidence that the qualifications have been developed following extremely strong and comprehensive processes incorporating the latest thinking and resources covering mental health and to also have the peace of mind that the qualifications will be continually reviewed and updated to ensure they stay current and fit for purpose. It also allows holders of the qualifications to take these qualifications anywhere in the UK and still benefit from their regulatory status.

We would encourage everyone to undertake mental health training in any form and the feedback that we have had for these qualifications has been fantastic. What is most notable is that the stigma surrounding mental health is significantly reduced through staff being trained in First Aid for Mental Health.

The full suite of First Aid for Mental Health qualifications on the SCQF is:

Award Name SCQF level SCQF credit points
Award in Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health 4 1
Award in First Aid for Mental Health 5 1
Award in First Aid for Youth Mental Health 5 1
Award in Leading First Aid for Mental Health 6 2


For more information on these awards and others offered by First Aid Awards have a look at the SCQF Database or the First Aid Awards website.

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