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In 2011 I started my journey into the world of photography and very quickly found a passion for newborn photography. Realising there was no available course or local training I had to teach myself. Fast forward to 2018, I am now well known for newborn and extremely busy. After many years of self-learning I began to question why my industry didn’t have specific qualifications. That’s when I contacted the SQA to enquire about this. Over the next 2 years we worked with many newborn professionals, midwives and doctors to put together a qualification for newborn photography. Our qualification, the Executive Diploma in Photography: Newborn and Baby Portrait, was credit rated at SCQF level 8 with 7 credit points.

As a result of this we became an SQA registered centre, which opened the door to many possibilities we never knew about. Primarily we are a flexible learning school offering newborn, photography and SFX make up courses, giving learners the chance to learn qualifications during their free time as well as the opportunity to be taught by industry professionals working in the industry.

Newborn photography in the wrong hands can be extremely dangerous - one wrong move and a child could be injured. It’s important for photographers as well as parents to understand the value of the qualification, not only in how to handle a baby but also overall for their business. Our course is aimed at anyone who is interested in newborn photography but has already been taught to use a camera and light, as the course does not cover basic skills. Over 5 intensive days and a further 6 months candidates will learn all they need to know, to confidently handle and safely photograph young babies (under 10 days old).

Trying to change the idea of an industry that hasn’t ever been governed by the offer of a qualification is hard and it will be a slow process but every day we continue to get the message out, as we believe the qualification is vital to the continuation of our industry. 

While we continue to work on the newborn qualification we have also made steps to open an alternative learning school for young people who are struggling in the school environment. 

Too many young people attending school are becoming disengaged with the school system as they struggle in classes not built for them. Working with schools and community groups we are aiming to offer short unit courses to young people, giving them the opportunity to experience alternative classes while engaging them back into education. Each young person will achieve qualifications and experience which we think will be vital for their progress into further education. 

For more information visit Riverside Studios 


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