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The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is a national and international centre of excellence for performing arts education. We are the only place in Europe where you can study all of the performing arts on one campus. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Music, Dance, Drama, Production, Filmmaking, Teaching and Research. Within our Short Courses department, we deliver a broad range of credit rated short courses, both in person and online and across all disciplines in the performing arts sector.

Our credit rated short courses, which are designed in accordance with the SCQF, provide the opportunity for students to benchmark their learning against national standards. We deliver courses from SCQF level 5 to level 11.

Why the Junior Conservatoire of Filmmaking?

The Junior Conservatoire aims to train and develop the next generation of filmmakers in a city that is bursting with screen professionals and career possibilities. Our students are taught by award-winning industry practitioners with years of experience in the sector, with opportunities for working with children’s TV, Glasgow Film Theatre and GMAC.

Within our Junior Conservatoire, we currently offer three credit-rated programmes as follows:

  • Junior Conservatoire of Filmmaking Level 1 (20 Credits, SCQF Level 5)
  • Junior Conservatoire of Filmmaking Level 2 (20 Credits, SCQF Level 6)
  • Junior Conservatoire of Filmmaking Level 3 (20 Credits, SCQF Level 7)

The Junior Conservatoire of Filmmaking programmes are aimed at students who are interested in filmmaking and would like to develop their skills in this area. Students should be interested in how films are made and the processes which are associated with their development. The courses are ideal for individuals who may be considering studying filmmaking at college, university or conservatoire and provide the opportunity to prepare for undergraduate study in this area.

The Junior Conservatoire of Filmmaking programmes aim to provide students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in relation to the filmmaking process, including the technical and creative aspects of film development such as the creation of a film pitch, script development, working as part of a professional production team and collaborating with a film crew and actors. Students will develop their skills in relation to character development and narrative structures as well as their knowledge of professional industry processes.

The credit rating of the Junior Conservatoire of Filmmaking programmes allows students to benchmark their learning with national standards as well as gaining summative feedback following assessments. Students receive SCQF credits and UCAS points after completion of the credit rated courses. 

Visit for more information on the suite of programmes and how to apply. 

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