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Hearing from our veteran community is vital and that is why the government will be launching the Veterans’ Survey this Autumn. 

This is the first ever exercise to collect feedback from the veterans community across the UK coordinated by the Office for Veterans’ Affairs and the Office for National Statistics, supported by the Scottish Government, Welsh Government  and the Northern Ireland Veteran Support Office so that we can gather responses from ex-UK Armed Forces veterans and their families from across the UK.

The online survey will be launched in November and will be live for 12 weeks, giving ex-UK Armed Forces personnel and their families the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the government on their experiences, access to and use of services for veterans. 

Responses to the survey will help us better understand the experiences, needs and wellbeing of our veteran community, and to guide future action. 

It is important we hear a wide range of views and we would like to encourage as many ex-UK Armed Forces veterans and their families to share feedback. Your views matter, so please look out for the survey and take part.

To be the first to hear when the survey goes live, please add your contact details by clicking here

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