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Founded in 1961, Dumfries and Galloway College has grown over the last 60 years and continues to be a civic anchor within the communities it serves, being one of the main employers and providers of learning across the South of Scotland, with programmes ranging from senior phase to degree programmes. Our campuses are based in Dumfries, and Stranraer in the west of the region. Our campus sites reflect the commitment of the College in serving the needs of the whole of the region. The College has an average of 9000 students per year with approximately 15% full-time and 85% part-time/other attendance.

Dumfries and Galloway College are the largest academic partner of the Crichton Campus Leadership Group (CCLG) and work with education partners to improve the learner journey and increase positive student outcomes, thus supporting routes to the labour market and the supply of skills to support economic growth within the region including key targets aimed to widen access and attainment for all.

Given the current times we recognise the importance of building conversations around mental health and wellbeing for all students, but recognise challenges across the diversity of our programmes. Our staff have been aware of this and have been developing these approaches for several years.

The Mental Health & Wellbeing programmes at SCQF levels 1 and 2 with 4 credit points each are embedded within our supported programmes currently aimed at learners who want to learn more about their own mental health, and some simple strategies for them to maintain good mental health. Generally, the units are aimed at learners who have no previous knowledge of the subject and are designed as introductory-level modules.

Credit rating these units provides the learner with recognised qualifications and will give validity and reliability to their core education. Credit rating these programmes will widen the offer available at these levels as there are limited resources available from SQA or other accredited providers. It also means that our learners are gaining credit whilst practically learning about essential wellbeing education and practices.

We look forward to receiving student and staff feedback on the relevance and impact of these programmes and will look at further embedding this into wider curriculum areas in future.

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