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Launched in 2019 by the SCQF Partnership, the aim of SCQF Inclusive Recruiter is to help employers and HR professionals understand that many different qualifications have the same worth, and to encourage use of SCQF levels in the recruitment process to offer clarity around skills and experience.

The SCQF Inclusive Recruiter programme helps employers and HR professionals understand the benefits of using SCQF levels in job descriptions, person specs and recruitment advertising.

By using SCQF levels rather than specific qualifications in recruitment, employers large and small can widen the pool of potential applicants who may have a variety of qualifications, skills and experience at the required level. They can therefore recruit the right person with the right skills into the right job, which is important for the organisation’s productivity and employee satisfaction as well as promoting fair access to job opportunities.

Being a SCQF Inclusive Recruiter helps employers to:

  • promote equality of all qualifications;
  • properly benchmark skills of employees/applicants to any job role;
  • broaden the pool of potential job applicants; and
  • comply with government policy.

West Lothian College signed up as an Inclusive Recruiter in November 2021, and in less than a year are already seeing the benefits.

Derek O’Sullivan, Head of HR & People Development, West Lothian College, said:

“We decided to join as the SCQF framework provides a clear structure to understanding qualifications for our applicants and shortlisting managers, increases the diversity of applicants and those appointed and also reinforces the SCQF approach which is taken by West Lothian College in terms of courses and study which is delivered. Using SCQF levels in our recruitment has encouraged managers to consider a wider range of qualifications and experience when shortlisting, thereby increasing the diversity of applicants and those appointed. By signposting the SCQF framework in job adverts and in the myjobscotland West Lothian College homepage we can inform applicants about the Framework and encourage their applications.”

40 companies have signed up as SCQF Inclusive Recruiters to date. These include 9 colleges and a range of public bodies, recruitment agencies, health & social care organisations, charities and housing associations.

Recruitment into the programme started well, but it became difficult during the pandemic as employers understandably had to turn their attention to more pressing concerns with the pivot to home- & hybrid-working.

Dedicated employer-focused SCQFP Development Officer, Nicola Smith, took on the role in summer 2021, and is keen to speak to more employers to help them understand how the SCQF can help their business.

Nicola explains:

“The qualifications landscape in Scotland has changed significantly over the last decade. I can provide free support for employers to help them understand the wide range of qualifications being taken now in schools, colleges, universities, the workplace and the community, and also how you can recognise skills and experience at different levels. Understanding SCQF levels, properly levelling your job roles, and using them in recruitment instead of specific qualifications, can help you attract the widest possible range of suitable candidates when recruiting. Ensuring people are working at the right level also helps with employee morale and retention.”

Want to find out more? Becoming an SCQF Inclusive Recruiter is free and simple! Visit https://scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-employers/scqf-inclusive-recruiter/ or contact Nicola at n.smith@scqf.org.uk for more information.

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