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Review of the impact of the SCQF School Ambassador programme

This year we’re conducting an impact review into the SCQF School Ambassador Programme and we’re looking for your feedback and support.

We now have half of the secondary schools in Scotland involved in our SCQF School Ambassador programme and have worked hard to create new resources and platforms for staff and schools to be able to raise awareness of SCQF to pupils, parents and carers. With that in mind, we’re keen to make sure that everything we have developed is fully supportive and that the programme is meeting the needs of all those involved.

We have created online questionnaires aimed at school staff and parents & carers. 

We need your support to distribute these and highlight to your school community through staff comms, newsletters, parents’/options nights and your social media channels. We have designed each questionnaire to be short with lots of opportunity for feedback and suggestions on a range of topics.


Many thanks in advance for your support,
Donnie & all of the SCQFP Team

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