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Pupils and staff at St Paul’s RC High School in Glasgow are celebrating after gaining Gold SCQF School Ambassador status.

The secondary school in Pollok has become only the sixth school in Scotland, and the first in the local authority area, to reach gold level since the recognition programme was introduced.

Originally piloted in 2015 and rolled out in 2017, the SCQF School Ambassador programme offers secondary schools the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of the SCQF and the wider ways in which it supports learners. These include recognising wider achievement, developing senior phase learning pathways and demonstrating equality between vocational and academic qualifications.

The SCQF Partnership introduced the tiered recognition element of the programme in August 2020 to make sure that all the important work on enhancing learning pathways being done in secondary schools across Scotland is recognised, highlighted and celebrated.

There are three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) in the process, with schools required to upload evidence to demonstrate how they are meeting the criteria of each level.

Having reached Gold level, this means that the school has established relationships with local training providers and employers, is actively promoting the SCQF to parents and the entire school community and is offering an extensive range of learning programmes at SCQF levels 5 and 6, including National Progression Awards (NPAs), Youth Achievement Awards and the Young STEM Leader Award. The school also runs an impressive number of Advanced Highers at SCQF level 7 and offers the Expressive Arts Baccalaureate and the Professional Development Award in SFA Refereeing, both also at level 7.

St Paul’s has also dedicated a section of its website to the SCQF, and pupil Ambassadors have produced a video to raise awareness of the SCQF, and possible learning pathways, amongst the school community - https://st-paulshighglasgow.com/senior-phase/scqf

To recognise its fantastic achievement, proud staff and pupils at St Paul’s have received a gold plaque which will take pride of place at the entrance to the school.


SCQF Partnership Development Officer, Donnie Wood, who manages the programme, said:

“We are delighted to welcome St Pauls HS into the SCQF ‘Gold’ club! This has been one of the most inspiring applications to date and it’s clear that staff and pupils involved in the programme go above and beyond to provide pathways and opportunities for every young person. The school have created a culture where all qualifications are valued and understood by pupils and parents and it’s down to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. Not only that, the school has reached out and engaged a huge range of partners as well as supporting neighbouring schools, bringing together staff and pupils to share ideas and collaborate. A massive congratulations to all the staff and pupils involved in achieving SCQF Gold status and setting a strong example for other schools to aspire to.”

Head Teacher at St Paul’s, Lisa Pierotti, said:

“We are absolutely delighted and honoured to have been awarded Gold status in the prestigious SCQF School Ambassador Recognition programme. I know how much hard work has gone into creating excellent pathways for our young people and in celebrating wider achievement across our school. I congratulate our whole team of learners, teachers and partners who have been instrumental in gaining this fabulous award.”

Councillor Christina Cannon, City Convener for Education and Early Years at Glasgow City Council, said:

“This is a brilliant achievement for everyone at the school and highlights the commitment of Glasgow’s teachers and young people to make sure that opportunities are available to all. I know that the school is being recognised for going above and beyond and I want to congratulate all the hard work that I know will have gone into being chosen for this award. What a lovely honour for the city too.”

The SCQF School Ambassador Programme is free to join and open to any secondary school in Scotland.

If you would like your school to get involved, contact Donnie at d.wood@scqf.org.uk or have a look at the SCQF School Ambassador page of our website 

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