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Practical Business Improvements (PBI) is a Management Consultancy with the aim of maximising the potential of businesses and their employees.

The 3-day Lean Practitioner training programme, at SCQF level 7 with 3 credit points, is designed to equip participants from any industry in any role with the knowledge and practical skills needed to apply Lean Mindset and Agile Ways of Working in their business areas.

The programme promises individuals the invaluable ability to foster a culture of continuous improvement, collaborative leadership, and problem-solving agility in their workplace, ultimately enhancing their professional growth and impact.

There is no requirement to have any prior knowledge of the topic, just a willingness to learn how you and your team can enhance your ways of working.


The objectives of the programme include gaining an understanding of Lean and Agile concepts, identifying the appropriate tools to solve various types of problems, and learning the behaviours and commitment required to sponsor improvement activities.

Participants will also develop the skills to lead, participate in, and sponsor improvement initiatives and collaborate effectively with Kaizen Facilitators and Agile Coaches.

The training is immersive and hands-on, focusing on challenging traditional problem-solving approaches and implementing proven methods to address business issues. It covers key topics such as Visual Management, Huddle boards for team communication, Campaign rooms for departments/projects, Value Stream Mapping, 5S for workplace organisation, the role of leadership/sponsors, Kaizen Events, Kanban for limiting Work in Progress (WIP), and Setup Reduction.

Qualifying with an SCQF Level 7 certification affirms your understanding of Lean Mindset and Agile Ways of Working, which can then be used practically within your organisation to improve processes, communication and company culture.


We also offer ‘Passport Programmes’ for graduates, which can help newly qualified Lean Practitioners through the journey of application within the workplace.

One of the programme’s key highlights is the practical application of the learned concepts to address current business challenges.

Participants are encouraged to identify areas within their business where Lean and Agile principles can be applied to solve problems effectively.

Past graduates have said that the frameworks “are really clear and I am already looking at incorporating them into how we work (i.e. Project Charters, Huddles etc)”.


In summary, the 3-day Lean Practitioner training programme will give participants the knowledge and skills to embrace Lean and Agile methodologies. It emphasises the importance of practical application, leadership commitment, and continuous improvement in addressing real-life business challenges.

Participants leave the programme with an SCQF Level 7 qualification and the ability to challenge the status quo and make meaningful improvements in their respective areas of the organisation using Lean and Agile principles.

Please contact sales@pbi-ltd.co.uk or visit our website https://www.pbi-ltd.co.uk/ for more information.



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