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OPITO is the global, not-for-profit, skills body for the energy industry. More than 450,000 learners are trained to OPITO Standards every year in more than 50 countries through 230 approved Centres. With operation hubs in four regions - UK and Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Americas - OPITO is driving safety and competency improvements to benefit the industry. OPITO is industry-owned, and works with governments, national oil companies, operators, and contractors, offering a range of services and products to meet international skills needs and support workforce development.

Our credit rated programmes, which are designed in accordance with the SCQF, provide the opportunity for learners to benchmark their learning against a recognised credit and qualifications framework. We currently deliver programmes from SCQF level 3 to level 7.

One of these services is a comprehensive selection of global qualifications, the portfolio of which has just been expanded to include emerging energy topic areas and information to increase learners’ knowledge of the UK’s energy balance.

Within this ‘Introductory Energy Transition Qualifications’ suite, OPITO currently offer four credit-rated programmes as follows:


  • Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry at SCQF level 6 with 9 credit points,
  • Introduction to Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage at SCQF level 6 with 8 credit points,
  • Introduction to Offshore Wind Power for Fixed and Floating Assets at SCQF level 6 with 8 credit points, and
  • Introduction to Hydrogen at SCQF level 6 with 8 credit points.


The development of these qualifications supports the people and skills-centric work OPITO is leading under the North Sea Transition Deal, which aims to support 40,000 jobs in the sector. These qualifications focus on developing the core skills that are urgently needed to move at pace towards a more integrated offshore energy system and workforce, turning the ambition of decarbonisation and the green economy into reality.

The qualifications provide an introduction to the energy transition and key knowledge of emerging energy transition specialisms for technicians and others looking to up-skill or move between relevant energy industries. The development of the qualifications took place with the collaboration of the Energy Skills Alliance (ESA). This powerful cross industry working group is developing a compelling all-energy career proposition that will deliver an agile and fit-for-purpose workforce for the Net Zero era.

The qualifications will take between 10 and 14 days to complete. They are credit rated at Level 6 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) comparable to Level 3 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in England and Wales.

For more information, please visit www.opito.com.

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