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In response to a request from our Credit Rating Bodies (CRBs), the SCQF Level Descriptors have gone digital.

The online tool has been designed primarily for credit rating teams (raters/vetters) within CRBs to aid record keeping and decision making but might also be useful for programme development teams and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) practitioners amongst others.

The tool allows you to select a range of characteristics across SCQF levels and print or save this as a single reference document. A notes section is also available which can allow you to add some commentary/context or rationale as well as other information such as a date, a name, committee title, and rationales to your downloaded document.

We have also incorporated the glossary of terms included from the original level descriptors document for easy reference, so if you click on a word with a dotted line the glossary definition will appear in a pop-up box.


Try the tool!  

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