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For those looking at careers in furniture design and making, our world-renowned East Sussex furniture school, robinson house studio has been training students in furniture design and cabinet-making since 2011. From traditional woodworking to contemporary media, our school has a reputation in the industry for outstanding creativity and excellence, with students going on to become award winning designer-makers within the furniture industry with successful careers.

Specialise in design and making

The 50-week furniture design and makers’ course, at SCQF level 8 with 110 credit points, at robinson house studio is aimed at anyone who is interested in a career in the furniture making industry. We have students who come straight from school at 18 years old, creatives looking for that second career and university graduates wanting to specialise in design and making.

The full-time course is an intensive 50-week course focusing on the craft of fine furniture making, with students devoting many hours honing their hand skills. Teaching combines traditional woodworking skills with more contemporary techniques such as steam bending, laminating and the use of carbon fibre, resin and other mixed materials. Students graduate from the course with industry-ready skills and a portfolio of work. We can whole-heartedly say robinson house studio graduates are ready for a successful career within an exciting industry, that is currently growing and in need of highly skilled workers.


The benefits that the SCQF credit rating has given us is that students wanting to achieve a credit rated course to enable them to continue on to university has become available with the option to top up their education pathway to degree level. Students are also able to progress into employment with an industry recognised level of learning. Our students are well sought after in the furniture making industry and this adds to their employability within the industry.

The studio is the only one in the world to solely work in laminated veneers and uses many materials but it has gained a reputation for the sculptural shapes created using its laminating techniques. This helps provide a completely immersive experience, and equips students with insights into the industry.

robinson house studio is a unique educational establishment, with a true commitment to producing  the next generation of makers and, by completing the SCQF Level 8 course, students will have even greater opportunities and career pathways for the future, with the best chance of gaining employment within a workshop or starting their own furniture making business. Our school will no doubt continue to attract students from all around the globe to be taught by our very talented craftsmen, who are passionate about passing on their knowledge to the next generation of furniture makers.


“My year course at Robinson House Studio has been a very valuable experience thanks to the high quality learning environment that Marc Fish offers to his students.
Marc adapts his teaching to each individual according to their skills and confidence, taking care of our progress with infinite patience.
I found Marc’s passionate approach to furniture design and making a vibrant artistic echo to explore my own creative expectations, and to turn my design ideas into consistent furniture pieces.
I appreciated the flexibility of the structure, the quality of the machines and the true support from experienced staff. Inspiring, serious and dedicated would describe the courses offered at robinson house studio.”

Thibaut Degenne

To find out more, go to https://marcfish.co.uk

Instagram: @robinsonhousestudio

Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/robinsonhousestudio/

Furniture & Design Makers' course

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