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Meet Lynda Short, digital communications officer

Lynda Short

What is your role within the SCQFP?

My role is Digital Communications Officer so I am responsible for content management and the development of the website and digital channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


What do you enjoy most about/ look forward to achieving in your role?

Social media is evolving at a fast pace and I’m looking forward to exploring the most effective ways to engage with our different audiences and help make a real difference in their learning journeys.


Tell us a bit about your career to date

Most of my career has been with local newspapers in various roles, ranging from reporter to editor. I also worked for a PR agency and had lots of interesting clients. In my most recent role, I was a sub editor at a daily newspaper and I loved the opportunity to be creative, whether that was with page design or cringe-worthy puns.


Tell us something interesting about yourself

I’m also known as Brown Owl. I run a Brownies unit and have 30 excitable seven to ten-year-olds under my wing. We will soon be going on our very first pack holiday, which has a Harry Potter theme, so my summer is being spent figuring out my Dumbledores from my Dobbys.


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