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Following a robust approvals process, EduQual has achieved the status of approved Credit Rating Body (CRB) through the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) Partnership. This allows the organisation to make decisions about the SCQF level and SCQF credit points allocated to qualifications developed by the EduQual team.

EduQual is a regulated awarding body, responding to a demand for innovative, relevant, yet affordable qualifications that do not compromise quality. It offers a wide range of qualifications that are delivered in partnership with a global network of EduQual-approved Centres.

Its dedicated team of professionals has many years’ experience in designing, developing, delivering, and awarding qualifications. It strives to be recognised as an awarding body of choice for any educator or employer who wishes to unlock the potential of their learners.

EduQual has a global presence having established partnerships with centres across Africa, The Americas, Asia and Europe.

SCQF CRBs are organisations which have the rights and responsibilities for determining the SCQF level and number of SCQF credit points allocated to a qualification. Only CRBs can undertake this role.

Jason Raife, CEO at EduQual said:

“It’s a great honour for EduQual to become an SCQF credit rating body. We found the approval process to be rigorous but fair, and it certainly gave us multiple opportunities to refine and enhance our qualification development process. As a regulated awarding body in Scotland, EduQual has been offering SCQF credit rated qualifications for many years, but becoming an SCQF CRB in our own right reinforces both our credibility in the UK qualifications market and our commitment to developing our business in Scotland.”

Pauline Radcliffe, Chief Executive of the SCQF Partnership, added:

“The SCQF Partnership is delighted to work with EduQual as a new approved Credit Rating Body able to place its learning programmes on the SCQF. We’ve been impressed with EduQual’s commitment to embedding robust quality assurance processes for its credit rating and its rigorous approach to qualifications development. As an awarding body focused on the delivery of vocational education and training across a number of sectors from SCQF levels 6-8 and level 11, EduQual's plans and aspirations to expand within Scotland are to be welcomed. We look forward to working with their team as they continue to grow their offer.”

Being an SCQFP approved CRB allows EduQual to make its own professional judgements, using tools provided by the SCQF Partnership, about what level a qualification sits at on the SCQF. Once a qualification has an SCQF level it attracts national and international recognition for the learners who achieve it.


As part of the application, EduQual credit rated the Certificate in Implant Dentistry (at SCQF Level 11 with 60 SCQF credit points) and the Certificate in Medical Gases Pipeline Systems: Authorised Person (at SCQF Level 8 with 17 SCQF credit points).


EduQual is now one of nine SCQFP approved CRBs which, along with SQA, universities and colleges, is allowed to make its own credit rating decisions.


More information on SCQF Credit Rating Bodies 

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