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The Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment has published its interim report, which sets out the proposed direction of travel to ensure the achievements of all learners are equally and fairly recognised.

This Review has been undertaken in an inclusive and participatory manner ensuring engagement with a wide range of stakeholders. Schools, universities, employers, parents, and young people from across the country have all contributed to the Review to help shape the future of qualifications and assessment and more than 700 responses were submitted to the public consultation during Phase Two.

Through the research and engagement undertaken in Phases One and Two, the Review has identified and developed a design for the future model for Qualifications and Assessment in Scotland. The preferred approach under consideration by the
Independent Review Group has been designed to inspire all learners and also recognise a wider spectrum of achievements, not just those traditionally measured by exams.

The draft model for a Scottish Diploma of Achievement is made up of three key areas:

  • Subject studies – where learners progress knowledge in line with specific curricular areas
  • Learning in context – project-based learning which recognises the importance of equipping learners with skills for the future
  • Personal pathway – the opportunity for learners to evidence their contributions to society and career aspiration

The design of the diploma will be developed and refined with key groups during Phase Three, this will include considering the practical steps needed to ensure the model could be implemented successfully. Views will be sought from those who would
ultimately use and implement the model through the Collaborative Community Groups, allied discussion groups, and a range of other Convener led meetings. Materials will also be circulated to all schools and colleges, and a number of school and college visits will be undertaken to inform thinking on the model and its implications in practice.

Professor Hayward and the Independent Review Group will use the feedback received on the model to prepare the final report and recommendations which will be sent to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills at the end of April 2023. The Scottish Government will then consider and determine next steps.

To read the full interim report, visit: https://bit.ly/IRQA-InterimReport

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