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Tell us a bit about yourself & your role/client group

I am a school-based Careers Adviser, currently based at Fortrose Academy, and have been working with school pupils, parents/carers and partner agencies for 15 years.

How do you use the SCQF to provide careers advice and guidance to your clients?

I introduce the SCQF with the Framework diagram image as part of class presentations (from S3-S6). On a one-to-one basis I would use the online diagram to help pupils understand it if appropriate – usually more relevant at option choice discussions.

How useful do you find the SCQF when working with your clients?

Extremely! I used to have access to small cards that pupils could take away (years ago!) I feel the online/interactive resources can be a bit overwhelming and so a basic Framework postcard is very useful.

I think that schools are increasingly aware of the SCQF as a way of helping shape the curriculum – by identifying courses at different levels that offer progression ‘in-house’ or delivered by partners. SDS Advisers often use it to help show progression routes to those struggling to access a mainstream pathway – it is always good news!


If you’ve used any SCQF resources (e.g. SCQF website, Framework diagram postcard, post-school leaflet, Old v New, Qualifications Can Cross Boundaries), how do they help you in your work?

As above, I use the Framework diagram postcard with clients. Very often a single image is the easiest to explain and understand as a way of introduction with guidance on accessing further information online when ready.


In your opinion, how does the SCQF help people of all ages to navigate learner & career pathways?

The Framework is how I help pupils (and parents/carers) understand the levels of learning and how to help demonstrate the range of pathways no matter current/past performance. But knowing that a horizontal line is approx. a year of study and that there is progression up at college/uni/workplace etc. Simple is better and will build a confidence in learners to engage further when ready.

One pupil told me how much more reassured she felt after seeing that there were HNC options post-school (when she didn’t pass all exams) and was very emotional and said – “We need to KNOW THIS!” – this has stuck with me greatly and shaped my practice a lot!

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