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Empowering Adult Learners for a Changing World

High Life Highland has an active and successful Adult Learning team, who are responsible for regularly making a noticeable difference to many lives in their local communities, writes Roisin Irvine, Adult Learning Manager, High Life Highland.

One of the many learning journeys adults can embark on via High Life Highland is to earn a free Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Award, a practice-based qualification which provides skills and recognition for a diverse range of learners.

Some of the Awards on offer are:

  • Volunteering Skills Award at SCQF levels 3-5
  • Employability Award at SCQF levels 2-4
  • Health & Wellbeing Award at SCQF levels 2-4
  • Personal Development Award at SCQF level 2-4

Kirstin d’Ambrosio, High Life Highland’s Adult Learning Coordinator, commented: “Adults across the Highlands take part in learning to develop their skills and confidence, meet new people, and make positive changes in their life.

"Some come to learn everyday tasks such as managing a household budget, and others come along for the opportunity to earn a qualification they may not have had the chance to do in school or college.

"We recently had the privilege of accrediting a ‘Wellbeing Award’ to a 79-year-old lady. Moved almost to tears she stated, ‘I have never had a certificate before in my life, this is the first thing I’ve done just for me’. She still keeps in touch with others from her classes to reminisce about all the ‘good craic’.

"High Life Highland’s diverse range of free adult literacy and numeracy learning programmes are waiting to be discovered no matter what subject or reason.”

Another Adult Learner, Leonard, shared his recent experiences:

I initially came along to learn about smart phones. People take for granted that you know how to use them, and sometimes you get left out on a limb. Other people in the group were using computers. I never thought I could be good on the computer, but I’m starting to learn how to use mine. My tutor has introduced me to things I’d never done before. I had taken some photos on my holiday which my tutor helped me to save onto my computer and learned about creating an email account – now I’ve got two emails I can use! Coming along to these sessions has taught me a lot and provided me with social time I otherwise don’t get due to living alone.

The benefits of developing literacies skills and having the confidence to use them can be far-reaching and life changing. In addition to developing skills, many Adult Learners share with High Life Highland staff how their well-being has improved, helping them to live fuller lives.

Steve Walsh, High Life Highland’s Chief Executive, concluded: “It’s incredibly important that these transformational Adult Learner stories are shared, and that High Life Highland’s Adult Learning Team are recognised for their work in improving lives within their local communities via delivering these lessons and qualifications.

"I hope that members of the public curious about High Life Highland’s Adult Learning program will feel inspired by these learner stories and enquire at their local venue about how they can start their own learning journey.”

 Adult Learning is designed to meet individual needs and takes place in community venues across the Highlands.

To find out where your nearest available venue is, please visit High Life Highland’s dedicated Adult Learning page www.highlifehighland.com/adult-learning/

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