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The Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM), now a part of the Property Institute, stands as the leading professional body for residential property management specialists in England, Scotland and Wales.

With a membership base exceeding 6,000 individuals and steadily growing, IRPM has been a cornerstone since its inception in 2002.

Its mission: to provide qualifications, guide career pathways, and furnish property managers with invaluable resources to excel in their roles.

IRPM's unwavering dedication revolves around supporting, nurturing, and setting the gold standard for the profession.

Tailored for Scotland

In the dynamic landscape of residential property management, England and Wales predominantly adhere to the leasehold system, while Scotland employs the factoring system. Recognising this distinction, our journey to create the Professional Diploma in Property Factoring was deeply rooted in Scotland's unique requirements, developed by Scots for Scotland.

Professional Diploma in Property Factoring: Who It's For

The Professional Diploma in Property Factoring caters to a broad spectrum of professionals engaged in factoring and property management. This comprehensive programme has been meticulously crafted to benefit factoring professionals working in private practice, local authorities and housing associations. Moreover, architects and building surveyors seeking to gain a profound understanding of property maintenance and repair practices will find immense value in this programme.

Upon successful completion, candidates will demonstrate core competencies encompassing technical building and legal matters, health and safety protocols, the delivery of exemplary customer service, and ethical conduct throughout.

Each of these critical themes is woven into the fabric of all seven modules through engaging learning activities. They are all intimately connected to the Factors' Code of Conduct, initially established in the Property Factors (Scotland) Act of 2011, and subsequently updated in August 2021.

Elevating Standards with the SCQF

The SCQF is an outcomes-based framework meticulously designed to maintain a uniform qualification nomenclature, qualification descriptors, and credit allocation.

The Professional Diploma in Property Factoring has successfully undergone the SCQF credit rating process and is now officially listed on the SCQF database.

This qualification is at SCQF level 8 (the same level as a Higher National Diploma or HND) and carries a substantial weight of 29 credits, equivalent to an impressive 290 hours of Total Qualification Time (TQT).

This formal recognition serves as a reassuring beacon for both firms and professionals, validating that the programme is meticulously tailored to meet the industry's demands and scope, ensuring its relevance and benchmarking against the highest standards.

Please visit www.bit.ly/irpmscotfactqual for more information.


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