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SFEDI Awards was founded in 2007, creating the first UK dedicated awarding organisation specialising in business enterprise and business support.

They offer a range of exciting and innovative qualifications designed to meet the needs of learners, whether that be starting a business or developing the enterprising capabilities needed to thrive in a volatile economy and job market. One of the many qualifications that SFEDI Awards offers is the Extended Award in Passport to Enterprise and Employment.

This award-winning qualification is designed to equip individuals with a strong foundation of skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the world of enterprise and employment. It focuses on the areas of employability, self-development and self-employment skills, and allows the learner to take a personalised approach when completing the assessments.

Learning materials are available to ensure ease of planning, delivery and assessment.

SFEDI Awards is pleased to announce this qualification has recently received recognition from the SCQF, and is now at SCQF Level 5 with 13 credit points.

Gaining SCQF credit rating on the Extended Award in Passport to Enterprise and Employment is a demonstration that the qualification meets the quality standards of the SCQF. The credit rating also provides peace of mind to learners across Scotland, ensuring they will receive a valuable qualification that develops their understanding of enterprise and employability.

What do learners at our centres have to say?

 “I really feel that I have benefited from the course and would definitely recommend it to anyone starting a business.”

 “I have learnt so much useful and interesting information.”

 “A massive thank you for all the help and information I've been given during the course, it has been extremely beneficial. Cannot thank you enough for being given this experience!”

 “It was very informative and has given me much inspiration on what to do and where to go next!”

 “The course has given me a bit more confidence to investigate running a business for myself and ultimately to help my children do the same.”

To find out more about SFEDI Awards and the qualification, head to the SFEDI Awards website.


Extended Award in Passport to Enterprise and Employment

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