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Pro Paints is an independent decorating centre based in Ayr, offering high quality paints to the trade and public.

We also have a working spray shop and offer spray finishes to kitchens, furniture and anything else that can be spray finished.

We have been running spray courses over the past three years to decorators, joinery companies and many others.

We realised that there were no courses available that formally recognise these skills and no set standard, and so we began our journey on developing an Airless Spray Painting course.


In April of this year we completed the long process of developing this amazing new course, which was credit rated by SQA at SCQF level 6 with 3 credit points. So we can now set our sights on delivering it in our new SQA Approved Training Academy.

The course is designed to help students, professionals or anyone interested in enhancing their painting skills. It is carried out over a five-day period and covers different topics from understanding how an airless machine works and builds pressure, to health and safety, with lots of time spent discussing paint injection injuries and how to prevent them and what to do if an accident occurs.

We also cover:

  • learning about the correct airless tips, filters and working pressures to make sure that you are working in a safe and controlled manner;
  • the importance of correct preparation techniques like Festool dust-free power sanding, hand masking machines and protecting surfaces from overspray;
  • how correct spray techniques will help you achieve the most fantastic of finishes;
  • the advantages of using state-of-the-art Graco spray machines over traditional methods – faster application, smoother and finer finishes, reduced overspray and less fatigue.

What makes this course so significant is that it is the first of its kind, establishing a new benchmark for the industry.

enhanced work opportunities

Students carrying out their apprenticeships in colleges will be able to take this course as an advanced craft, which will give them far more appeal to business and, in turn, offer better opportunities of work.

Having the course credit rated by SQA is huge, as this gives the course added weight and prestige. It also gives students the knowledge that the course is to the very highest of standards and that’s its going to have an impact on them going forward.

We just can’t wait to get started and help apprentices and all types of students on their Airless Spray Painting journey.

For more information on the course, call 01292 502889, email pro-paints-@outlook.com or pop into the Pro Paints shop at Unit 13, North Harbour Trading Estate, Ayr, KA8 8BN.

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