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Group shot of participants on SELECT EV charge point installation course

There’s no doubt that the demand for electric vehicle (EV) charge points is rising all the time and that installations are becoming part of the modern electrician’s world.

It’s also essential such work is carried out safely and efficiently, which is why SELECT spent the first half of 2023 creating and shaping a new EV charge point installation course.

Developed in line with feedback from our members, the result was the SQA Customised Award in Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installations, a one-day module that can be delivered in person or online.

Learning at SCQF Level 7

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) credit rated the learning programme at Level 7 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF), with 2 credit points.

As well as providing a Credit Rating that allows the qualification to be understood on the Scottish qualifications framework, this allows us to compare the learning programme to similar qualifications throughout the UK.

Created by Training Development Adviser, Stuart McKelvie, and Consultant Technical Adviser, Billy McRobert, the course aims to provide expert guidance to learners wishing to gain knowledge and understanding of EV charging equipment installations.

Suitable for qualified electricians only, the session focuses on the IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation (5th Edition). 

Course aims

By the end of the course, learners will understand and be able to design and install domestic, commercial and industrial EV charging installations.

Stuart is pleased with the take-up so far, saying: “Delegates have seemed to enjoy the practical side of getting involved, using the equipment and familiarising themselves with how everything works. A few have also said that they’ve gone away feeling more confident with the requirements of installing an EV charge point and that they’ve enjoyed the fact that it’s all completed in one day.”

Billy added: “With EVs and charge points becoming more popular, this course will help members add another string to their electrical bow and provide more business opportunities as they learn how to work with EV technology safely and efficiently.”

Among the feedback, Shaun Taylor from SELECT member company, South Ayrshire Council, said:

The course was very interesting and I learned a great deal about charging modes and options, costs and installation and potential DNO issues.

A fellow member was also impressed, telling us:

It was a good comprehensive course. There’s a lot to learn in one day, but if you do the study beforehand, it’s definitely manageable.

Thanks to the donation of three top-of-the range charge points by Luceco Group, the in-person sessions are also completely mobile and can be delivered anywhere in Scotland.

Founded in 1900, SELECT represents the electrotechnical industry in Scotland and is the country’s largest construction trade association. Further information about its work and training can be found at select.org.uk

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