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The SCQF - Global Reach for Internationally Recognised Results!

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Have you heard of the SCQF? And have you heard about the SCQF Database?

The SCQF is Scotland’s National Qualifications Framework (NQF) but did you know it has an international reach? The SCQF database is the central repository where all Credit Rating Bodies in Scotland list their credit rated programmes and is accessible to all visitors to the SCQF website from Scotland, the UK and internationally.

Ever wondered why having your programme on our database may help you as an institution, organisation, or employer? Well let’s look at some facts that might just make you think!


Global Reach - the facts

We have analysed the number of searches and the global reach that the database has had throughout the month of March, and you might be surprised to see who is looking at our data. Around 60 countries excluding the UK and Ireland were searching our data from Australia to Azerbaijan and everything in between! To see a full list click here.

Over the month of March and the first couple of weeks in April our database was accessed over 600 times from our international visitors and over 2500 times from the UK and Ireland. The searches ranged from looking at programme owners such as ACCA or SQA to using the variety of search functions on subjects like energy or creative industries.

If you have a completed a programme or qualification you would like to search for, go to our database and use the different search functions, you’ll be surprised at what’s on there!

Have some fun with the different search buttons and see what you can find and don’t forget you can narrow your search to a certain SCQF level by using the slider at the bottom.

Here are a couple of inspirational examples of how the framework has helped individuals and employers.


What are the benefits of your programme being on the SCQF?

All programmes on the Framework have been credit rated by Scotland’s Universities, Colleges, SQA and SCQF Approved Credit Rating Bodies and are listed in the database. All programmes have been rigorously Quality Assured to SCQF principles. The benefits of this include the ability to:

  • explain the level of difficulty and complexity of your programme to others;
  • compare your programmes to those included on other countries’ NQFs (including those across the UK); and
  • increase the mobility of your learners internationally, enabling them to more easily explain the level of their qualification.

This also means that any individual or employer can access this database and make decisions. Find a few examples below; if any of these ideas appeal, simply use the hyperlinks for further information:

  • Is this the course for me or my employees?
  • Do my SCQF qualifications demonstrate the skills I can bring to a job?
  • Can I take SCQF qualifications abroad or to other UK countries?
  • Can my certificates be used for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?


How do I get my learning programme on the SCQF?

If you would like some more information about how to have your programme credit rated please contact info@scqf.org.uk and we will forward your enquiry to the most appropriate person who would be happy to discuss things with you in the first instance.


Whilst you’re there…….have we convinced you yet?

If your organisation would like to widen your recruitment pool, we have an initiative that might interest you - the SCQF Inclusive Recruiter campaign looks for employers to advertise jobs based on SCQF level and not simply a named programme like a Higher National Certificate or Degree. As you can imagine there are many more programmes on the Framework at the same levels and the skills that they bring are comparable. If you would like to discuss becoming an Inclusive Recruiter please contact Donnie Wood.

If you'd like to have a browse of our entire website and contact us about any of the information you find please feel free, we’d love to talk to you! Get in touch!


About the author

Fiona Garry

Lead: Recognition of Prior Learning, SCQF Partnership

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